Contact the organizer of the festival:

NP "Chamber of Folk Trades and Crafts"
Russia, 140 165, Moscow region., Ramensky district, pos. Building materials plant-2, st. Zheleznodorozhnaya, building 1B
Phone/fax: +7 (499) 707-73-23 ext. 118
Email: info@sinnica.ru

Festival location on the map:

How to get there:

Until the waiting Art. Ramenskoye is possible on the Sputnik high-speed electric train or on a regular electric train:
from st. Vykhino (27 min./45 min.); from st. Moscow Kazanskaya (45 min./1 h. 7 min.)
Walk to the Ramenskoye city park of culture and recreation 15-20 minutes.

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